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    Community Service  

The women of CWC are involved in many activities to help better our community. We put on special events and do things monthly at our meetings. Below are some of the activities coordinated by our Community Service Committee, our CWC Serves Committee, and our Spring Event Committee.

Community Service Projects
Throughout the year, CWC members support a variety of charities which serve the people of Carrollton. Further information will be provided in the CWC monthly newsletter and at the general meetings.

Community Service Co-chairs are Deb Moss (deblmoss@outlook.com) and Sharon Butler (sbutler86@verizon.net).

CWC Serves
This committee organizes a variety of fundraisers year-round for a one-time distribution in May to local non-profit organizations. Examples are bake and craft sales, special events, raffles and rebates. The events involve community participants as well as members.  
The committee also looks for opportunities for our membership to donate time and helping hands for our community needs. 
If you are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving Carrollton and are interested in applying for funds from us, please complete our application form (due by 2/26/24). Members, you are welcome to recommend local 501(c)3 non-profit organizations.
For more information, please contact Lark Tribble (larkt@aol.com), Jackie Pendleton (jackie@rjpendleton.com), Tammy Kirkman (tammykirkman@gmail.com), or Renai Lackey (startl56@aol.com).

Spring Event: Fashion Show, Luncheon, and Raffle
Our biggest fundraiser of the year is the Spring Event: Fashion Show, Luncheon, and Raffle. This annual event is threefold in purpose:
  • A ticket purchase provides a sit down lunch enjoyed by 400+ CWC members and guests
  • An entertaining fashion show with members as models using attire from a selected vendor is always a treat
  • A raffle of terrific prizes is prepared to raise funds for college scholarships presented to young women residing in Carrollton
This is a wonderful opportunity for CWC members to have fun and serve on one of the numerous committees this event requires. For information see CWC Spring Event.
Serving as Spring Event Chairs are Nancy Fitzpatrick (fitznanc@gmail.com) and Anita Leclaire (leclairea48@gmail.com).