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The History of Carrollton Women's Club
On April 29, 1920 at 3:00 the first meeting of the Carrollton Social and Civic Club was held. The first elected president was Mrs. A.T. (Mary) Stewart, and was organized for the benefit of our town. Other charter members were Mrs. Winfield Clem, Mrs. Earl Longmire, Mrs. Ray Degan, and Mrs. J.T. Rhoton.1
In the mid-1920s the club provided the playground equipment for the new city park south of Crosby Road and east of the Katy railroad, made a garden plot on the northeast corner of the intersection of Belt Line and Broadway and erected an ornamental brick tile slab with “Carrollton” on it.2
The name of the club was changed to The Woman’s Study Club before 1935, and was changed to The Carrollton Women’s Club in 1972. In 1939 the club became affiliated with the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs and later joined the Dallas Federation of Women’s Clubs.3
In 1980, Carrollton Women’s Club provides its first college scholarship to qualifying female seniors residing in Carrollton. In 1987, the Club had the first spring fashion show to raise money for these scholarships. This annual Spring Event has become a tradition and by 2019 over $350,000 in scholarships has been awarded. In 2019 there were more than 500 that attended this Luncheon, Fashion Show and Raffle at Brookhaven Country Club, and 80 raffle prizes were awarded, raising $26,500 that day.4
CWC ladies are known for their baked goods and their crafts. This was another way of fundraising, beginning with the Country Fair in downtown Carrollton. CWC set up the first booth in October 1974, making $156 that year. Each year the women sold their jalapeno jelly and rum cakes, later adding pickles and chocolate bundt cakes. When the Country Fair ended and the Switchyard began, the Women’s Club began its own Craft and Bake Sale.5  In 2019 $4,000 was earned at this sale.6
Blanketfest is a popular event held once a year. These no-sew fleece blankets are made and then distributed to the local police and fire departments, as well as hospitals and family shelters. In 2019 150 blankets were made and given away.7
Monies from the Craft and Bake Sale, Rebate Programs, Christmas raffle tickets, and other fundraisers are given to other local non-profits every May. Since 2010, over $54,000 has been donated to many 501(c)(3)s, “for the benefit of our town”.8
Community Service is another method of giving in the organization. Monthly causes encourage donations of items – anything from nickels to diapers, canned meat to peanut butter, dolls to old luggage. In addition, school supplies in the summer and toys at Christmas are collected and donated to Metrocrest Services every year.9
All of these charitable actions were recognized by the City of Carrollton in 2019 when the Carrollton Women’s Club was named Volunteer Organization of the Year. 10
In this centennial year, 2020, Carrollton Women’s Club continues to grow. Membership is at almost 250, a record number. Spring Event ticket sales are at 500+. Expectations are to continue increases in all facets of fundraising.
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History Brochure (the above information along with photos)
Mrs. A. T. Stewart 1920-21 Mrs. C. Smith 1966-68
Mr. J. M. Allen 1921-22 Mrs. C. A. Good 1968
Mrs. Roy Degan 1922-23 Mrs. Hallford 1968-70
Mrs. J. M. Allen 1923-25 Mrs. Kenneth Hughes 1970-72
Mrs. C. A. Good 1925-27 Mrs. Neil Holm 1972-74
Mrs. W. D. Smith 1927-29 Mrs. Nan Walvoord 1974-76
Mrs. J. M. Allen 1929-30 Mrs. C. E. Sivess 1976-78
Mrs. G. T. Vandergriff 1930-31 Mrs. Delle Prichard 1978-80
Mrs. J. T. Rhoton 1931-33 Mrs. S. Whittington 1980-81
Mrs. W. H. Noble 1933-34 Mrs. Cherie Pierce 1981-83
Mrs. Roy Russell 1934-36 Mrs. Betty Luallen Frye 1983-85
Mrs.  W. Clem 1936-37 Mrs. V. Gannaway 1985-86
Mrs. E. P. Berryhill 1937-39 Mrs. Sylvia Gravley 1986-87
Mrs. F. H. McMurray 1939-41 Mrs. Cheryl Flatt 1987-89
Mrs. C. A. Good 1941-43 Mrs. Ilene Oldfield 1989-91
Mrs. W. H. Noble 1943-45 Mrs. Sara Salmon 1991-93
Mrs. Tom Fields 1945-47 Mrs. JoAnn Mayes 1993-95
Mrs. John Mitchell 1947-49 Mrs. Mary Ann Rehagen 1995-97
Mrs. Jack Blanton 1949-50 Mrs. Marilyn Rose 1997-99
Mrs. C. Blalack 1950-53 Mrs. Mary Lou Schoenberg 1999-00
Mrs. T. V. Tipps 1953-55 Mrs. Carolyn Huddleston 2000-02
Mrs. Harry Jordan 1955-57 Mrs. Marilyn Rose 2002-03
Mrs. David Slaughter 1957-58 Mrs. Mary McCrummen 2003-05
Mrs. B. Jackson 1958-59 Mrs. Cathy Ferrero 2005-07
Mrs. Robert Souter 1959-62 Mrs. Beverly Weidinger 2007-09
Mrs. Roy Russell 1962-64 Mrs. Maria Tobey 2009-11
Mrs. B. Thompson 1964-66 Mrs. Linda Hoffman 2011-13
    Mrs. Nancy Putnam 2013-15
    Mrs. Michele Fry 2015-17
    Mrs. Lark Tribble 2017-19
    Mrs. Judy Scamardo
    Mrs. Dolores Paige